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4 Less Known Facts about Rose Water You Need To Know Today

Whenever I say Rose water, automatically it will remind you the magical aroma and the flavoured water which is prepared by dipping rose petals in water. This aromatic liquid is one of the common products that people prefer for their beauty regime, as it’s all natural and leaves your skin fresh.

Rose Water

Also to mention, any skin type person can use the rose water and yield its benefits.

Rose Water, and their Interesting Benefits!

Along with the face, you can use rose water for your eye care too.

We all know that rose water is the best cleanser and comes with anti-bacterial properties that can help with removing dirt or dust.

Now apart from all this, we have listed around 4 less known uses of Rose Water. They are as follows:

1) For Dust Removal

With the rise in population and pollution, getting dust on your eyes is normal. You can add a few drops of the rose water into your eyes and close your eyes gently. Wash the eyes with cold water after some time.

For dust removal on face, you can mix drops of glycerine into 1 tbsp of rose water. Apply this on your face, and then wash it.

2) Reduce Eye Irritation

If you are having some itching or burning sensation in your eyes, rubbing your eyes will only make it worse. You can get the benefits of rose water for eyes by adding a few rosewater drops to your eyes. Close your eyes for 5-10 minutes. This will reduce the irritation.

3) For Dry & Frizzy Hair

For treating the dry hair condition, take an equal portion of glycerine and rose water. Mix it and apply them to your scalp portion using cotton pads. Keep massaging your hair for 10 minutes, and leave it for half an hour. Wash your hair with shampoo.

4) Makeup Removal

In case you run out of your makeup remover, you can still make a way out using rose water. Add a few drops of coconut oil to rose water, start wiping this liquid using a cotton pad. You will be all surprised in the way it works.

Which one are you gonna try first?

What are the Benefits of Water Recycling | All About Reuse & Recycle

We all are dependent on water, and it is something without which the human beings won’t be able to survive. Protecting, and taking the best care about this source is a matter of concern, with the rising population and water scarcity. Well, I will go short on space if I start writing about the issues caused by Water Scarcity. It will be a never-ending post!

So, we know the problem already. Let’s discuss out the solutions then.

Benefits of Water Recycling | All About Reuse & Recycle

Preserving water is a good way to get started. You can do this by making use of the only required amount of water, and not wasting them unnecessarily. Then, you have another way out too – water recycling and reuse.

Reusing & Recycling Water

So, what is the Water Recycling method and how does it work? 

You are already familiar with the recycling of the plastics and the metals. In that, used plastic products are melted down and they are again modified to some other object. This means a used thing is being reproduced into something else so that you could make use of the thing for more than once.

The same concept is used with the water, where water which was once used for a task is collected and used for other work.

When we keep using the groundwater, imagine a usage and supply chart. These days, people are using the water a lot, but you need to provide quality time to get the supply back. If these two factors of usage and supply are not maintained, then you will face a shortage of water which is so not good.

Water Recycling is nothing but a well-planned strategy that will keep the supply and usage in check. Also, it says to make use of the used water in different ways. For example, the dirty water that comes out of the utensil washing process can be used up for watering the plants. You need to check if there are no chemicals in the water, and you are using it for the right purpose.

Benefits of Water Recycling: 

  • Maintain the ecosystem balance.
  • Using recycled water for irrigation can reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.
  • You could produce electricity and make other amendments using the recycled water.
  • Reduces the pollution caused by the discharged water.
  • A dependable water resource which does not put any lives in danger.

So, these are the various ways by which you could Recycle your Water. The setup and systems may be complex, so it is recommended to hire a professional for that purpose.

Save Water, Save Life!

SmartTag – A Perfect Water tool for Monitoring Baby Sharks

Definitely a matter of concern for all the South California people, who love spending time at the beaches. We got a good news and a bad news for you guys.

The Bad News is that the number of White Shark swimming in the Pacific Ocean towards the California side has been increasing lately. Well, the good news is that the concerned authorities and the lawmakers are ready to take the responsibility and do the necessary monitoring on the problem.

What are these Monitoring Gadgets going to do?

Monitoring Baby Shark

SmartTag – For Monitoring Baby Sharks at LA

In the latest update, the legislation is all set to create a White Shark Population Monitoring and other Beach Safety Program that will help with funding institutions and teams who are studying on the White Sharks. Such programs will also do their bit in sharing safety tips for the people visiting Beaches.

The lawmakers of the State are willing to offer $4 million and invest them for improved technology and better training for the people who encounter with the sharks on daily basis.

One such invention is the SmartTag! 

Connor White who is a graduate from the Chris Lowe University has shared his experience of using the SmartTag which was developed by him in collab with the Harvey Mud Robotics Professor Chris. 

Scientists are now equipped with sensors and one camera-kind of setup known as the SmartTag – which is offering a window like a medium for knowing the daily life of the sharks.

It’s a small tag which is attached to the fin of the shark, so ask the shark move around in the waters – they could capture images and videos of the real-time for better analysis and study. That’s simply how it works though. This tag does not have any satellite transmitter thing connected on it, so this helped in cutting down the extra costs too.

Other than the video camera, the SmartTag is equipped with a thermometer and a depth checking sensor on it. At the center of the gadget is the Inertial Measurement Unit that senses all the movements in the three dimension. They are found in the smartphones too, for example, the screen goes from the vertical to horizontal display respective to the way you have held your phone.

You can still purchase different gadgets and sensors for testing out for yourself. But developing them by yourself makes it all more valuable.

While Lowe adds that the cool thing about the technology is that you could combine them all and know how the sharks are making their decisions! 

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